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Product Name: Poly(L-lactide)
CAS No: 33135-50-1
Product Type: Other Intermediates
Product spec: 100g/pcs
Packing: Vacuum packing
Valid Period: 2022-04-15
Description: Name: Poly(L-lactide),Poly(L-lactic acid),L-polylactide Product Model : PL Chemical Formula: (C6H8O4)n CAS: 33135-50-1 Chemical Structure: Instructions: Poly(L-lactide) is a kind of biodegradable materials and with good bioabsorbability and biocompatibility. The degradation of Poly(L-lactide) has two steps: first, Poly(L-lactide) is hydrolyzed into Lactic acid; second, the lactic acid turns into pyruvic acid under the function of lactate dehydrogenase, and then enters into mitochondria and is completely oxidized and decomposed to give carbon dioxide and water. The product which is made from poly(L-lactide) has good biocompatibility. After degradation in the body, the product is excreted by metabolism and It has not harm and side effect to the human body. Therefore our products are currently widely used in the field of medicine, such as the one-time infusion equipment, medical surgical suture, drug delivery carriers, tissue engineering scaffolds, bone anchors, injectable microcapsules, microspheres, implants, elastomer materials for organ support, etc. Appearance: White powder or particles IV (Intrinsic viscosity): 0.3-11 dL/g MV(Viscosity molecular weight): 6-1000 thousand Specific Rotation( ,chloroform): ≤ -140° Glass Transition Temperature: > 60°C Melting Point: > 170 °C Residual Monomers: < 1% Residual Solvents: < 0.05% Extractable Heavy Metals: < 10 ppm Stannum (Catalyst): < 200 ppm Density: 1.24 g/cm3 Sulfate Ash: < 0.05% Model Model IV Range dL/g MV Range ten thousand PL-05 0.30-0.75 0.6-2.0 PL-10 0.75-1.25 2.0-4.0 PL-15 1.25-1.75 4.0-6.4 PL-20 1.75-2.25 6.4-9.0 PL-25 2.25-3.00 9.0-13.3 PL-35 3.00-4.25 13.3-21.5 PL-50 4.25-6.00 21.5-34.4 PL-70 6.00-8.25 34.4-53.2 PL-95 8.25-11.25 53.2-81.4 PL-00 >11.25 >81.40
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